sumokwon theme park

By combining Jeju's natural beauty and technology,
the city aims to become a recreational park encompassing generations through the slogan "Little Rest Area in the City."

Ice Museum

Ice Museum is the cold heart of the theme park with coolness and cleanliness throughout 365 days.
Ice slides that you can only see in fairy tales, and
ice museums with ice craftsmanship, with a sweat of artisans.

1F Inside the Ice Museum at Arboretum theme park


  • When using ice slides, be sure to use them in a sitting position.

  • For those aged 65 or older, please refrain from using it.

  • Children under the age of 3 should be used with their parents.

  • Don't run or play because it's slippery inside the exhibition hall.

  • Food is prohibited.

  • Entrance to drinking is restricted.

3D Arrival Phenomena

3D optical illusion art

3F Inside the Ice Museum at Arboretum theme park


Time to express your hidden emotions right now. The virtual reality system supported by VR tubes can realize a world of compassion that was vaguely dreamed of as a child.
Enjoy time travel for 'children' and 'children' and VR space!

Arboretum theme park ice museum 2F, 3F

Customer service standard

  • 01

    5 VR types are available with height of 110CM or higher.
    (Survival not available)

  • 02

    Ten types of VR are available with height of 120CM or higher.
    (Survival not available)

  • 03

    Survival with height of 140CM or higher and all VR available


  • Please refrain from using pregnant women, drinkers, high blood pressure, heart disease, closed fear and fear of heights, psychosomatic and disc patients.

  • Depending on the site situation, the content under inspection may occur (e.g. overheating and checking the equipment).

  • Please understand that food cannot be brought in due to concerns about equipment damage.

  • If you are 65 or older, please refrain from using it.

  • Children under the age of 3 are requested to ride sleds with their parents.

5D Video Hall

Simple stereoscopic phenomenon is boring now?
Then, let's feel it all over our bodies!
In the 5D studio, you'll have a dream-like cruise that goes way beyond your imagination.

Arboretum Theme Park Ice Museum 2F

With the special effects of the whole five senses reacting,
the video's harmony that keeps you awake for a minute and a second and makes you sweat will be remembered for a long time.

Feel the perfect five-dimensional world right now!


  • The video time is 7 minutes.

  • Food is prohibited.

  • Durham is available from the age of 15.

  • Please refrain from using the drug for the elderly and pregnant women.

a screening schedule
every hour Screenings
Start 10 Minutes Poseidon
Start 20 Minutes Poseidon
Start 30 Minutes The room
Start 40 Minutes Poseidon
Start 50 Minutes Poseidon
Start on time The room
* It may vary depending on the viewing conditions.

Night market

Jeju Island's oldest and largest pine tree forest is a multi-medal theme park-style tourist destination.
In 2018, the park was established as a night market for arboretum roads.
Arboretum-gil Night Market is Korea's first night market with a natural form built inside a pine tree forest.

in the arboretum theme park [a telephone enquiry 064-742-3700]

Since March 2018, it has been organized as a night market where job creation and youth start-ups of multicultural families and local small business people participate.

Currently, two trucks run by multicultural families, nine trucks run by youth start-ups, seven trucks run by Jeju area, and about 30 teams are operated by sellers composed of small business owners in Jeju.

Instructions for use and time for use

  • the winter season

    17:00 ~ 22:00

  • the summer season

    18:00 ~ 23:00

Theme Park Arboretum Location

  • Location

    Eunsu-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 69

  • Tel